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What our clients are saying

At Fantastik we are very confident of our products and our service. However, we try to live up to the phrase “and it isn’t just me saying it”, always striving to listen to our customers.
Combining Google Reviews and Yelp services, more than 200 customers have given us their appraisals and we are very happy to have a score of 4.6 (out of 5). Here are some of those ratings.

A pleasure for the eyes!
Exotic stuff, interesting.
Some very cool and unique things!

Bérénice Bouilland Vignard
September 2022

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Eugenia Guiscafre
May 2022

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Noelia Fernández Gil
March 2022

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I love everything. Especially the products from Mexico. I would set up a bed there and live there. The treatment is exceptional. They sell super original and very special things. I have to say that my house and my place are more beautiful since I discovered this shop. I have sometimes bought through the online shop and it arrives very quickly. 100% worth it!

Karma Serrano
August 2020

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One of the best shops in Barcelona, full of charm and magic. I can’t help bringing something home every time I go there. The service is excellent.
Spectacular place where you can find any kind of charming decoration items. A shop with products from all over the world, once you enter you will want to take everything ✨. We recommend it a 200%.

Clàudia Barrull Gonzalvo
Abril 2021

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La Ventana Estudio
Junio 2021

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It’s great! You can find really fun and colourful stuff. Decoration and much more. Stop by and take a look.
It has lots of little things from different countries, all of them colourful, funny and adorable. You’ll find everything from enamelled plates to paper lamps, the largest section is from Mexico, so if you want to have a themed party it might be a good place to go.

Jaime R.
July 2020

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Andie J.
April 2015

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I went there on a Saturday, found what I was looking for and the girl was lovely.
They have a wide variety of very interesting items. Reasonable prices.
Shop for original gifts, Mexico, India… Unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

Marta Cano
July 2019

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Gabriel Sicilia
November 2018

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Francisco Javier
November 2017

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