5-Piece Maidan matryoshka doll


5-Piece Maidan matryoshka doll


Russian doll representing the peasant style, with 5 pieces of different sizes that fit perfectly one inside the other. Handcrafted from a single piece of wood.

Maydanovskaya model: matryoshka originating from the town of Polkhov-Maidan and characterised by its classic design of a peasant girl with scarf and flowers.

Large 5 pieces: 16 cm / 12 cm / 9 cm / 6 cm / 4 cm

Small 5 pieces: 11 cm / 8.5 cm / 6 cm / 4 cm / 3 cm / 3 cm

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16 cm / 11 cm


Linden wood




The meaning of the matryoshkas

The traditional matryoshka doll is a Russian classic toy with more than 100 years of tradition. Its name comes from the word ‘Matryona’, meaning mother of the family, which links these precious dolls with the idea of fertility and family.

But despite being recognised as one of the icons of Russian craftsmanship, matryoshka dolls were not originally created in Russia. As we have already written in our blog, the origin seems to be Japanese. A famous Russian industrialist and patron of the arts, returning from a trip to Japan, brought back a series of nested figures representing the seven divinities of fortune. One of his collaborators decided to adapt these figures with a traditional Russian design and the original matryoshka doll was born.

Mamushkas en venta en una tienda en San Petersburgo
Photo: Flickr / Tobias Begemann

The traditional matryoshka doll

Our matryoshkas are a 100% original Russian product, handmade by artisans in the Nizhny Novgorod area. This region still concentrates the handicraft production of 60% of Russian matryoshkas, in particular the towns of Semenov and Polkhov-Maidan.

According to tradition, they are made from linden wood harvested in spring, when these trees begin to secrete sap. As a measure of quality, all the pieces that make up a matryoshka must be taken from the same piece of wood. The care taken in the manufacturing process and the craftsmanship of the artisans make these matryoshkas an authentic and original gift.

Different colours and motifs

At Fantastik you can find various types of the original Russian dolls, painted with different colours and motifs. From the most traditional models, to animal designs, and even a matryoshka made in India, with paintings inspired by Hinduism.