San Simón figurine


San Simón figurine


San Simón, also known as Maximón, is a popular saint with a widespread devotion in Chiapas and Guatemala. Although not recognised by the Catholic church, his cult originates from the syncretism between Christianity and pre-Hispanic religions. He is especially popular among those who live on the margins of society or outside the law.

In Mayan cosmology, he is the saint to ask for unorthodox favours such as wealth, women or directly wishing evil on an enemy. As he is a saint of ambiguous morality and vices, believers offer him tobacco and liquor to cheer him up and make him happy.

This figurine, due to its small size, is ideal to carry around as an amulet or to place on a home altar.

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8 x 3 x 4 cm


Plastic / hand painted


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