Jesus Malverde figurine


Jesus Malverde figurine


Jesús Malverde, also known as “the generous bandit” or “angel of the poor” was a Mexican bandit from the state of Sinaloa who has earned a reputation as a saint according to Mexican popular belief. In recent years he has made himself very popular among the poorest in Mexico, as well as among illegal migrants marching to the United States.

Due to its small size, this figurine is ideal to carry around as an amulet or to place on a home altar.

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8,5 x 5 x 3 cm


Hand painted resin.


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The legend of Jesus Malverde

The Jesus Malverde figurine portrays a gentleman with a moustache, dressed in a white shirt with a red or black handkerchief. His real name is Jesús Juárez Mazo and he’s very popular in Mexico and also Guatemala. Worshipped by the poorest population, he has earned a reputation for defending and helping the “indefensible” in the eyes of God, such as drug traffickers, prostitutes, etc.

The Mexican Robin Hood

According to the legend, Jesus Malverde grew up in Sinaloa, in the north of Mexico, and he lived in extreme poverty with his family, suffering injustice and being punished by landowners. When he grew up, he decided to take justice into his own hands. The man would hide in the bushes – hence his nickname, “the green evil” – and rob the landowners and the wealthiest families in the region. With the loot, he would distribute the money among the neediest groups of small villages. Embodying the figure of a Mexican Robin Hood, his popularity began to grow, first in Sinaloa, then in the rest of the country.

The Malverde Chapel

The Catholic Church never recognised him as a saint and there are even those who doubt his real existence. But his legend lives on and he even has his own shrine in the city of Culiacán. Every May 3rd, the anniversary of his death, hundreds of devotees fill the Malverde Chapel. They come from different parts of the country and abroad to ask or thank him for favours. It can be the humble worker, who begs to stay employed, or the upper class businessman, who comes due to a health problem or to help close a business deal.

High quality figurine

This Jesus Malverde figurine is made of high quality resin, hand painted and imported directly from Mexico. It’s the smallest of our collection.