Enamel teapot 3.5 lts


Enamel teapot 3.5 lts


Classic teapot with handle and lid made of highly resistant enamel steel, in pastel colours and vintage look. With twice the thickness and weight of similar products in the market, which makes it very durable and resistant. Made in Europe.

Combine it with other enamel products from our catalogue such as mugs or jugs creating a beautiful set.

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28 x 25 cm - 1,05 kg


Enameled metal




Resistant vitrified enamel teapot

Our enameled teapot is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean thanks to its high resistance enamel. For regular cleaning we recommend soaking the products in hot water and cleaning them with a sponge and neutral soap. Never use steel wool pads, spatulas or knives, as they could damage the metal.

Stains that may be generated by prolonged use are easily removed with lemon juice. For coffee or tea stains, use boiling water with baking soda and then wipe the cup with a soft sponge.

Origin of the enamelware

Enameled tableware was very common a few years ago due to its great strength and beauty. However, the rising cost of their production caused most of the factories to close down. So nowadays this kind of products are only produced in a few countries in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Our collection of enamelware is made in Ukraine in a factory that has been producing household goods since 1955. In fact these models are the original ones and have not changed in the last 50 years. Hence their retro style that can remind you of the ones your grandparents had at home.

Use and maintenance of the enameled teapot

The entire Ukrainian enameled tableware collection is made with European raw materials and is CE certified. The quality of all products is top quality, as they are twice as thick and heavy as similar tableware. With proper use, these products can last you a lifetime.

Thanks to its double thickness, the dinnerware is suitable for freezer, oven (maximum 270ºC), vitroceramic and induction hobs. Although it can be used directly on the fire, we don’t recommend it, as it may stain the base. As it is a steel product, it can not be used in the microwave.

If the product falls or is struck hard, the enamel coat layer may come off, leaving the metal base exposed. If this happens, the steel may rust but its use will still be completely safe. In addition, these imperfections will give the piece a more rustic touch and it will gain a little more character.