Set of 2 Beldi water glasses


Set of 2 Beldi water glasses


The beautiful beldi glasses were very popular a few years ago in all cafés in Morocco, but due to the closure of the factories that produced them, today they are no longer so common.

Their production is entirely artisan-made, and they are blown one by one using recycled glass. They have a translucent look (unlike industrial glass) and there are small bubbles and imperfections inside the glass.

Set with 2 pieces.

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13 cm height - capacity 30 cl






The traditional beldi glass

Fábrica de cristal soplado

The beldi glass is an object reluctant to disappear in Morocco. Thanks to a few workshops that remain open in the country, this traditional blown glass technique lives on. For decades these typical glasses could be seen on the tables of many Moroccan restaurants and cafes. Nowadays, you can only find them in a few cities.

The production is still completely artisan-made. Around two tons of recycled glass are melted every day. Experienced professionals skillfully blow the glass in liquid state after heating it in the oven, and little by little the burning amorphous mass is transformed into the so-called beldi glasses. The word beldi in Morocco simply means traditional, artisanal, local or handmade.

The Beldi glasses are a great example of Morocco's emblematic craftsmanship.


Reclaiming Moroccan craftsmanship

This artisanal technique of production is what confers the translucent aspect to the material and also the small imperfections and bubbles inside the glass. Each piece is unique. Beldi glasses certainly combine the tradition and delicacy of Moroccan craftsmanship in an emblematic and contemporary product.

Moreover, the Beldi Country Club was inaugurated a few years ago in Marrakech, with the aim of rescuing traditional craft techniques. It is a complex with a hotel, spa, restaurant and also space for activities, and in addition to the blown glass crystal, there’s room for weaving, embroidery and ceramics classes.