Recycled wooden letter D


Recycled wooden letter D


These colourful letters are made from reclaimed wood from old Indonesian fishing boats. Each letter is unique in colour and texture, which makes it an original decorative element for any corner of your home.

Combine several different letters for a spectacular effect. All of them have a small ring on the back for easy hanging on the wall.

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17 x 12 x 3 cm


Recycled wood




Colorful letters for wall decor

Decorating the walls of your home or work environment with wooden letters is a trend that has been on the rise for a few years now. But no matter what the trends say, wood is a timeless material that always brings warmth and elegance to its surroundings. Additionally, theses letters for wall decor that you can find in our shop have a worn and vintage style, which will undoubtedly add a different touch to your home.

Reclaimed wood from Indonesian boats

Reclaimed wood from fishing boatsDue to its high quality and strength, teak wood has traditionally been used to build fishing boats on the island of Java in Indonesia. To further increase their durability, the islanders applied several layers of paint, creating multi-coloured boats. Once no longer in use, the boats were recycled as construction timber. Today, this material has been given a new life with the production of these original wooden letters for wall decor.

The wood is recycled but at the same time its integrity is maintained. So in that sense, each letter is unique, both in colour and texture. Depending on the pieces, you will be able to see knots, holes and small imperfections. As it is high quality recycled wood, it is suitable for both interior and exterior spaces.

Decorate your home with recycled wooden lettersThe whole alphabet in different colours

The colours in the images are approximate, as no two models of letters are the same. Each piece is made with the wood planks available at the time. At Fantastik we usually have a large assortment of the alphabet, so if you are looking for a particular colour, texture or finish, please contact us.

Once you have completed your online order, we will send you photos of the models currently available so you can choose your favourites ones before delivering it.