Red Oaxaca oilcloth

4,50Price per 0,5m

Red Oaxaca oilcloth

4,50Price per 0,5m

This oilcloth model is inspired by the traditional craftwork of the alebrijes. Easy to clean and durable. Its special composition of PVC, cotton and polyester make it water and stain resistant and it doesn’t retain odours. Perfect to use as table cloth or for you arts & crafts projects. See below for some tips on how to buy the oilcloth!

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120 cm width

Cotton and polyester with PVC



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The Oaxaca oilcloth

If you have ever traveled around Mexico, for sure you must have seen this practical and colourful table cloth on tables and counters in restaurants, taquerías or market stalls across the country.

The oilcloth we sell at Fantastik is a classic popular product that has been produced by the same company for more than 50 years.

We import directly from Mexico, which is why we can offer a high quality product for a good price. All the models available are original designs from the 50s and 60s, and the floral patterns are amongst the most popular. You can buy them by the metre from the comfort of your home.

Thanks to its special composition of cotton and PVC, the table cloth material is light and maleable but also very resistant. Because it is so colourful, this oilcloth is ideal for bars and restaurants. Suitable for outdoor use.

For more information, please check our Mexican oilcloth guide.

How to buy the oilcloth by the meter

Tips for buying the oilcloth to measure

  • The width of the table cloth is 1.20 metres (standard measure).
  • You choose the length. Each unit selected corresponds to 0.5 meter.
  • By choosing 2 units, you are buying 1 metre. For 1.5 metres you must mark 3 units, for 2 metres mark 4 units and so on. The metres you choose will be sent to you in a single piece.
  • If you wish to purchase a non-standard length (1,2 meters, 2,70 meters, etc) please contact us.
  • To use the oilcloth as a tablecloth, remember to add about 15 cm per side (30 cm in total). This way, the extra tablecloth will naturally hang down, just like the image above.
  • No returns for the Mexican oilcloth.