African fabric cushion cover


African fabric cushion cover


This beautiful cushion cover is made with the colourful wax fabric, so characteristic of African women’s clothing.

Very colourful and with different prints, it is made by “Dona Kolors”, a 100% solidarity project that is committed to offer job and economic opportunity for women in situations of social exclusion.

Envelope-backed cushion, no zippers. Inner cushion not included.

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45 x 45 cm


Cotton 100%




The origin of the african Wax fabric

The history of wax fabric is closely linked to the colonial period of Indonesia, when dutch merchants became familiar with a wax dyeing technique called batik. These traders used different methods trying to reproduce the patterns of this batik fabric, and even developed a machinery for applying resin to both sides of the cotton fabric. But these products didn’t convince the asian market, proving to be a commercial failure.

At the same time, the batik technique began to become known and popular in West Africa. One of the reasons for this was because many African soldiers that were recruited by the dutch army in Indonesia were now returning to their countries of origin. They started to create their own fabrics adapting the batik method. Dutch traders quickly saw an opportunity on this incipient market, and opened textile factories in South Africa, Ghana and Togo.

Venta de tela wax en África
Photo: Alexander Sarlay

The designs gradually became more african-inspired to meet local demands for bold colors and eye-catching patterns.

A symbol of social life in Africa

Over time, the Wax fabrics became widely accepted by the african population. Especially women, who made them an essential element of everyday clothing. The textile quickly became a trademark of African culture. In fact, today it is a symbol of social status, being used even as a formal dress by leaders and diplomats from various countries on the continent.

A solidarity project in Barcelona

Dona Kolors: Taller de costura para la inclusión social
Foto: Dona Kolors

The cushions sold here at Fantastik are produced by a solidarity project whose workshop is located in our neighborhood, El Raval. Dona kolors is a women’s clothing brand whose purpose is to offer jobs and economic opportunities to women in situations of social exclusion. The initiative also has a care center for women in the context of prostitution, where they are offered psychosocial help and training.

So, by purchasing these beautiful cushions, you will not only be adding an ethnic touch to your home decoration. You will also be helping to build a better society for all.