Vegetal fibre plate


Vegetal fibre plate


This beautiful fibre plate is made by craftswomen from 17 villages in Tanzania in cooperation with the social enterprise Womencraft.

In total, more than 300 women, many of them displaced by the conflicts in Rwanda and Burundi, make these products from grass and banana fibres.

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Vegetal fibre


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Tanzanian vegetable fibre plate

These beautiful decorative plates are hand-woven by East African craftswomen, who express their culture and talents through objects that are elegant, functional and durable. They are made by more than 300 rural women, many of them refugees from the conflicts in the border region between Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Production follows traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. The weaving technique is very labour-intensive, so that even the smallest products can take several days to make. All materials are natural or recycled, such as grass fibre, dried banana tree bark and yarns from recycled grain sacks.

Decoration and social commitment

Behind this beautiful product is the Womencraft initiative, a non-profit social organization, which operates like any other business, but reinvests all profits back into the business itself and the artisans who make the wheel turn. Its ultimate goal is sustainability and the social mission to provide a fair and reliable income to the women involved.

This vegetal fibre plate and also the plant fibre bowl are two of the products we are most happy to share, for their beauty and authenticity. But more importantly, for doing our bit for a fairer world.