Wooden jaguar mask


Wooden jaguar mask


This type of wooden mask in the shape of a jaguar is a typical handicraft from the state of Guerrero. This animal has always been considered a common element in the life of the indigenous populations, so that the local folklore has always been inspired by it. Even so, its meaning varies depending on the area. For example, in the famous dance of the Tecuanes, it focuses on the hunting and killing of the jaguar character, which has been harassing the community and is finally hunted down. Elsewhere they simply have to do with maintaining balance in the natural world and the agricultural cycle.

In any case, these masks always represent the power of nature and the relationship of humans to it.

Each mask is handmade and hand painted so that each piece is unique. There may be slight differences in colour and format from the image on the website.

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17 x 11 x 7 cm


Lacquered wood