Classic papel picado 4 meters


Classic papel picado 4 meters


Papel picado is so much a part of Mexican life that there is no party in Mexico without these multicoloured banners. Ours is a completely handmade product, handmade by expert families in the state of Puebla.

This is the classic model and can be used for any occasion. With varied figures such as animals or flowers, perfect for decorating restaurants or parties with a Mexican touch.

Available in plastic or paper.

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The origin of the papel picado in Mexico

Papel picado is part of the Mexican DNA to such an extent that it is impossible to imagine a popular fiesta without these brightly coloured flags hung and moved by the wind. They are usually present not only at national and Christmas celebrations, but also at weddings, birthdays, quinceañeras and baptisms. In some villages they are even hung in the streets all year round.

This form of decoration with banners has its origins in pre-Hispanic times, where the cultures of Mesoamerica used amate paper to make offerings to their gods in the temples. With the arrival of the Spaniards, the technique was updated and silk paper began to be used, adopting its current form.

Handmade product from Puebla

The papel picado that we sell at Fantastik is made in the municipality of Huixcolotla, in the state of Puebla, by a family with more than 40 years of experience. Tissue paper or plastic is used to give it more resistance, and the material is cut with chisels until the desired shape is achieved. The work is laborious and is done entirely by hand, so only the most skilled craftsmen can do it.

Whether to decorate your restaurant or venue, or to give a Mexican touch to a party, papel picado is a must. At Fantastik you will also find the Day of the Dead version, with figures of skulls, skeletons, etc.