Tin art

Tinplate ornaments imported directly from Mexico, such as the famous Mexican tin hearts.

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Tinware is one of Mexico’s best-known crafts, creating both practical and ornamental objects. The designs are varied, ranging from humorous images to cultural and religious motifs. However, the most famous craft is probably the manufacture of tinplate hearts.

Mexican tin ornaments

It is quite a laborious job. First the images are cut out and the details are chiselled out, then colours and lacquers are applied until the desired effect is achieved. The style of painting, and especially the finish, help to determine the origin of a piece, as they differ greatly between the regions that produce them.

In Oaxaca, for example, artisans usually leave the pieces natural or with glossy enamels, while the tinsmithing in San Miguel de Allende is characterised by its aged appearance thanks to a previous oxidation process.

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