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  • Calligraphy as folk art
    The hands and talent of artists from all over the world transform calligraphy into an art that unites beauty with utility, decoration with art, and elevates this technique as an identifying element of their countries.
  • A Fantastik world of colors #4
    Continuing with our selection of authentic, original and colorful places. We propose to go around the world with a very Fantastik perspective. In this post we visit Romania, Germany and Mexico.
  • Naples and the origin of the exvotos
    A summary of our trip to Naples, a city of great contrasts and captivating beauty. We wanted to know more about the origin and history of the Catholic exvotos.
  • The beautiful story of the worry dolls
    Discover the amazing story behind the “worry dolls” (quitapenas, in Spanish). It is a beautiful legend inherited from an ancient Mayan tradition that still lives on in Guatemala and Mexico.
  • 2021 in Review
    For another year, we take a look back at the highlights of 2021 for our store: visiting our beloved Mexico, starting to collaborate with Trouva and reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram.
  • Christmas curiosities from around the world
    Christmas is the time to decorate the tree with spider webs, fight with the neighbours, invite the dead to dinner or hit a log to poop out the presents…
  • Enameled tableware – a modern kitchen classic
    Enameled tableware with a vintage aesthetic is back with a vengeance. It is a growing trend in the modern kitchen. But do you know exactly what enamelling is?
  • A Fantastik world of colors #3
    Third post of the series “A Fantastik world of colors”, visiting some very authentic, original and colourful places. Just like our philosophy.
  • A brief tin toy history
    We’ll take a brief look at the evolution of toys made of tinplate. From the beginnings in Europe to the last original examples in Japan.
  • Who was Jesús Malverde?
    The figure of a gentleman with a moustache, white shirt, red handkerchief and wads of banknotes in his hands is much adored in Mexico. Also known as the “generous bandit”, he gained the reputation of a Robin Hood in the country.
  • The challenge of the 2021 Chinese New Year
    A year after the pandemic began, China is suggesting its citizens to stay at home for the New Year. Difficult task, since more than a billion people travel during this festive season.
  • The Russian dolls that come from Japan
    Matryoshkas or mamushkas are the typical Russian dolls, recognised as one of the icons of Russian culture. Curiously, however, they were not created in Russia. It seems that their origin is Japanese.
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In this Fantastik blog we will be publishing some of the anecdotes and curiosities of the trips and products we find around the world. We will also show a more personal side, presenting the team behind the brand and a bit of the day-to-day life of our fantastic and colourful shop.

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