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Mirada retrospectiva al 2021

2021 in Review

Once again, last year was a rather atypical year, what can we tell you… We started in the midst of the third wave, but with the hope of vaccination. It seemed that it was finally the beginning of the end of the pandemic. Now, looking back, it is obvious that we still have a long way to go for this long-dreamed-of “new normal”.

In any case, at Fantastik we can’t complain, as we are still in business despite everything 😉.

At the beginning of the year we finally put out on the street the sign we made in India, hand-painted with very Bollywood-like images, and that we had kept in the warehouse since the previous year. Unfortunately a couple of months ago we had to put it back inside, as apparently it didn’t follow the city hall signage regulations. And, frankly, this is not the time for fines.

In March, after extensive negotiations with the supplier, we finally received the colorful enameled tableware from Ukraine. This factory has been producing housewares since 1955. In fact all the designs of cups, teapots, bowls, etc, are the originals and have not changed in the last 50 years. We really wanted you to see it because it is amazing. All pieces are super resistant and also very practical because they are are suitable for dishwasher, oven, electric, vitroceramic and induction hobs. If you haven’t done so, take a look at the “Enameled” section.

Another highlight of the year was that we started collaborating with Trouva, one of the most interesting marketplaces in the world of decoration and lifestyle. With a very careful selection of beautiful products, they work only with small and independent stores in Europe. Practically our entire catalog is available there as well.

For web management and logistical reasons, we ship to European Union countries only. Consequently, due to the Brexit, we had to stop shipping to the UK. The good news is that now through Trouva, we can ship to anywhere in the world. If you are outside the EU, contact us and we can explain a little better. It’s quite simple though: find us at https://www.trouva.com/boutiques/fantastik-in-0800 and follow their checkout process.

And finally, after a year and a half without a long trip, in August we went shopping in Mexico. We had it planned since the previous year, and as you can imagine, we were sooooo looking forward to it. Also, without scheduling it too much, we were able to coincidentally meet up with many friends from here in Spain who were visiting and also those from Mexico. We visited Xochimilco, Puebla, San Miguel de Allende, Oaxaca… In the end, what should have been a two-week trip turned into almost a five-week one! And they can’t take that away from us! 🙂

In September, we launched the English version of the online store. Finally! And finishing the year on a good note, in mid-October we reached 10,000 followers on Instagram! Thank you all for being there! And stay tuned because in 2022 we will have a lot of news!

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